Data Centers

ENIAC … the First Data Center. It weighed 30 tons  ... was housed in a 1,500 Sq. Ft. room … contained over 18,000 vacuum tubes and 1,500 relays … performed 5,000 operations per second … and cost around $488,000.

Earth Day

As the Smithsonian Magazine wrote concerning one of our country’s major rivers: “The water was nearly always covered in oil slicks, and it bubbled like a deadly stew. Sometimes rats floated by, their corpses so bloated they were practically the size of dogs.”

March Madness

Soon it will begin - 64 men’s college basketball teams competing for the NCAA Division I Tournament Championship.  For many of us, our work and family schedules do not allow us to see many college basketball games during the season. But when the NCAA issues the March Madness “brackets”, we ready our favorite chair for the 2 ½ week event and make our selections in the company pool.

Are You A Leaper or A Leaping?

When the early Egyptians adopted the Sumerian calendar, dividing the year into 12 months of 30 days, the calendar was actually 5 days shorter than the Earth’s journey around the Sun. When they realized this error, the Egyptians simply decided to place those five “non-conforming” days at year’s end and use those days “to party”, leaving the solution of correcting the calendar to later generations! And so, the story begins …

Google Heats Up the West

An almost forgotten clean energy source has again taken the spotlight in power generation. In 1960, Calpine and its partners completed the 1,590 Mw. “Geysers” geothermal power station – the first of its type – and, last year, Google completed their own station, with a unique design, to power their data centers in Nevada.

We Owe it to Broadway Joe

Lamar Hunt might have dubbed it the Super Bowl but it was Joe “Willy” Namath, from the University of Alabama, who made the name a reality. Sure, there were NFL and AFL-NFL playoff games before Super Bowl III but it was not until this brash, brazen 25 year old confidently predicted and delivered a NY Jets win over the mighty NFL Baltimore Colts that the name was enshrined.

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