Are You A Leaper or A Leaping?

When the early Egyptians adopted the Sumerian calendar, dividing the year into 12 months of 30 days, the calendar was actually 5 days shorter than the Earth’s journey around the Sun. When they realized this error, the Egyptians simply decided to place those five “non-conforming” days at year’s end and use those days “to party”, leaving the solution of correcting the calendar to later generations! And so, the story begins …

Google Heats Up the West

An almost forgotten clean energy source has again taken the spotlight in power generation. In 1960, Calpine and its partners completed the 1,590 Mw. “Geysers” geothermal power station – the first of its type – and, last year, Google completed their own station, with a unique design, to power their data centers in Nevada.

We Owe it to Broadway Joe

Lamar Hunt might have dubbed it the Super Bowl but it was Joe “Willy” Namath, from the University of Alabama, who made the name a reality. Sure, there were NFL and AFL-NFL playoff games before Super Bowl III but it was not until this brash, brazen 25 year old confidently predicted and delivered a NY Jets win over the mighty NFL Baltimore Colts that the name was enshrined.

Champagne Only

Imagine that it is December 31st, 1900. You are having a lobster dinner at Café Martin on Madison Square, New York City. It is 9:30 PM and your waiter approaches your table to announce that for the balance of the evening it is “Champagne Only”. Lobster and champagne until the early hours of the morning!

Squanto and the 1st Thanksgiving

Consider that it is 1620. Following a treacherous 66 day crossing from England to Massachusetts Bay and having spent the winter on the Mayflower, you and a small party of fellow travelers move ashore to the New World where you are greeted by an Abenaki Native American – welcoming you in English!

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